Morris W. Beck US Navy Covers and FDCs

 US Navy USS Jefferson SSBN 618
#1 First cover in the 1000 Navy Series. 1962
USS T Jefferson
US Navy USS Enterprise CVAN-65 Aircraft Carrier
Special "S" cover USS Enterprise Est $85

Mercury Flight of Cooper
US Navy USS Hornet Apollo 11 Man on the Moon Moonlanding
USS Hornet-Neil Armstrong-Lunar Landing
Apollo 15 Prime Recovery Ship


USS New Orleans VERY rare July 25 cancel Est $140
US Navy Apollo Soyuz Space Recovery Astronauts
Apollo Soyuz on Air Mail Envelope
USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 Aircraft Carrier Keel Laying cover
#1000 Last cover in Navy Series USS Vinson.

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GT-4 Cover Beck CREW Cover Found on eBay selling for $100++  January 10, 2020

Patch scan courtesy of Tom Steiner

The GT-4 cover is shown here to help illustrate the patch. The Beck CREW cover is offered on eBay for $100+

 The patch is being sold in a space auction,, January 18. with the estimated value as much as $300.


Two more FAKE Beck Covers on eBay

Both these covers are FAKE.  Note that the cachet has been cut from an envelope or color photocopy and pasted to a postmarked cover.
So far all these FAKE Beck covers are addressed to the same person




Scan of article courtesy of Tony O'brien


More M W Beck Covers Sent in by Collectors for our site

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
Dual cancel 1975 and then 1992. Probably unique.

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills

G W Driskill was in management with Sperry Rand Corporation.  He was a specialist in Torque Balance Control
for the space program.

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
G W Driskill was in management with Sperry Rand Corporation.  He was a specialist in Torque Balance Control
for the space program.


Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
G W Driskill was in management with Sperry Rand Corporation.  He was a specialist in Torque Balance Control
for the space program.



Revised Information About W R Skelley, Jr, US Navy Coordinator for Space Flights.  He Handled Collector's Envelopes.

We have wondered for some time how it was possible for W R Skelley to obtain so many important space flight covers. 

It has become clear that he was the coordinator for the US Navy and had access to and distributed covers to the recovery ships.

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills


Skelley/Beck Space Covers

eBay listed several Beck space covers that hit high prices about $60-70 each.  Note the return address for Skelley. 

Great covers for a space or Beck collection.



Recent Beck Cover Acquisitions and Information

January 3, 2020
Scans courtesy of Jeff Mills

Scans courtesy of Jeff Mills
The cancel from USS New is correct date for Apollo 13.
The cancel from USS Spiegel Grove is correct for Apollo 14.
Interesting Dual Cancel recovery cover

The quality of the postmarks on the B784, Guadalcanal are usually poor. 
Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills

Scans courtesy of Jeff Mills
B686 USS Guam with the VIP Label

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
Note that this cover does not have the line "Date of Blast Off"

See more examples HERE

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
Our guess is that this cover is simply a CREW cover that Beck included with the covers he sent for postmarking. 
For many events he sent 25 printed envelopes with the Beck number.  No address, no stamp.  These were
for the commanders of the ship for their use.


Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
Addressed to Chief Skelley.

Probably would sell for $20 if offered on eBay

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
This cover really looks like a Beck creation, but we are not sure.

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
A good example of Beck's very early Naval Covers

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
Owen Murray's only printed Naval cover.


December 27, 2019

Only one has been observed and it was sold by a dealer in Europe for $129.76

Probably worth every penny of the price paid!

Thanks goes to Dr Ross Smith for drawing our attention to this important cover.

Shown above is B998 and B999 with a missing color.  The normal cachet is also shown for comparison.

December 23, 2019

Sold for $39.00 on eBay

Sold for $43.00 on eBay


December 20, 2019

Signed by Augustine W Smith, Captain, US Navy

Above scans courtesy of Anthony O'Brien


December 14, 2019

This is the first CREW cover for Apollo 15 from Kawishiwi B874 observed.
Scan courtesy of Anthony O'Brien

 This is the first one observed. B824 with the ship name at the bottom of the cancel.
Scan courtesy of Anthony O'Brien

A new addition to our autograph page.  This is a MW Beck custom printed cachet for a customer, Dr. Ramkissoon. 

See more autographed covers HERE


This is the only one we have seen.  Scan courtesy of Tom Steiner



December 13, 2019

Note that this Beck cover is missing the printed background and the B787 is on the bottom left.


A great example of GTA-12

Both scans courtesy of Wolf Magnus, Ross Smith and Tom Steiner


We have added several dozen scans of the postcards sent to collectors from MW Beck and Donald Schultz.


Thanks goes to David Ball for sending us these postcards



Recent Beck Cover Acquisitions

Beck hand written address


See States Covers HERE

Missing Green Color
Scan courtesy of Ross Smith

This one sold for $35.55
One of the few examples where you can read the name of the ship

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson
See other FDC HERE

Only the second one seen.  Sold for almost $92


Beck Cover for JFK First Day of Issue May 29, 1964

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson

See Beck 412 covers, CREW and varieties here

May 29, 1964 is the first day of issue of the JFK stamp.  The official first day city was Boston.

This cachet artwork was also used by Mr. Beck for the JFK FDOI for the Kennedy stamp


Beck Space Covers

There are a number of Gemini Covers with dual Cape Canaveral postmarks on Beck cachets B709-B711. 

Below is what we have seen so far.  Prices on eBay range as high as $76.00.

This one sold for $76.00 December 2, 2019

BELOW:  Larry Johnson and others sent us scans of some these Beck covers.

Wavy cancel and special envelope. Scan from Larry Johnson


Unlisted Beck Space CREW Covers

These unlisted CREW covers are great additions to our site.  Thanks to Andre Gutmann for sending us these scans.


Unlisted B704 GT12 Beck Cover Sold on eBay after 11 bids

This is the only B704 we have seen with the Machine Cancel "US Navy 17005 Br.  We were surprised to see this one.

Perhaps it is unique.  We have seen this 17005 cancel used on some covers with a tracking station

There has been many high quality and very desirable Beck covers sold recently.  Check your shoe boxes, you might
find a great one! !

This one sold for $73.00



Beck Covers Harder to find

Larry Johnson sent us these two interesting and very collectible Beck Covers.


Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson
This one is autographed by Mrs. George C Marshall.  The only one we have seen.



Unnumbered Beck Covers from 1940's Harder to find

The 1940's Naval covers produced by Beck were made in low quantities and sometimes hard to find. 
They usually cost about $10.00+ each. 
Here are a few that Charlie Hamilton found recently.

Reverse of Spokane Cover

Reverse of Sicily Cover

Reverse of Purvis Cover

Reverse of Vogelgesang Cover

Scans courtesy of Charlie Hamilton


Very Hard to Find Beck Covers Sold on eBay for HIGH prices.

You will note that these four Beck covers of PRS are addressed to W R Skelley, the Navy Cover Coordinator.  See article on Skelley below.

Sold on eBay for $16.50

Sold on eBay for $26.55

Sold on eBay for $89.00

Sold on eBay for $213.50


Join the USCS

If you collect Naval covers and enjoy History, consider joining the USCS.  You will receive the monthly LOG publication filled with articles about collecting
Naval covers and historical ships.  It has auctions and there is a sales circuit available to members.  Attend the annual convention with collectors with
similar interests.  Complete the form today and mail it to the address on the form.  Do it today.

Below are scans of two pages from the 32 page July LOG


Beck Autographed Covers  Sold on eBay July 31, 2019

Sold for $63.00

Sold for $63.00



Beck Apollo 13 CREW Cover with Atlantic Cachet on Pacific Recovery Ship Sells for $416.00+$6.75      June 26, 2019

We were surprised to see this Iwo Jima CREW cover with an Atlantic Cachet on it. 
This cover had multiple bids and ended up selling for $416 plus shipping.  This might be the highest price paid for a Beck Space Cover without an Autograph.
This CREW cachet and ship combination might be one of a kind. 

Joe Volutza notes that Capt James Martin was the Staff Legal Officer, Commander cruiser-destroyer force, Atlantic Fleet.

Scan courtesy of Joe Volutza


Beck B998 on Airmail Envelope   June 14, 2019

Months ago we added a similar cover to the one below where the collector had removed his address label. 
The one we added before was a B999 cachet postmarked in Norfolk, VA. 
Thanks to Joe Volutza for sending us this B998.


Beck Mentioned in Stamp Collector from Years Past  June 1, 2019

Click on the link below the scan to load a PDF that is easier to read. 
Thanks to Art Cole for sending us this article.

Read article PDF HERE



Beck 72 With 3 Postmarks on Airmail Envelope   May 25, 2019

This scan of Beck 72 was sent to us by Larry Johnson.  It is on a very popular airmail envelope.

Note that there are 3 postmarks.



Another Date Found on Beck 490.   May 21, 2019

This scan of Beck 490 was sent to us by Larry Johnson.  This one is postmarked
November 12 1964.  There are at least 4 different dates shown on various
Beck 490 covers.  The actual Recommissioned date is November 2, 1964.



Do you know who the Cachet Maker is for This Cover?   May 18, 2019

Dave Kent sent us this scan of a very interesting cover addressed to Morris Beck.  We can't identify if this
cachet was created/printed by Morris Beck or not.  If you know who designed it please let us know.
This cover is hand addressed to Morris Beck.  We compared the handwriting to Mr. Beck's on other covers
but don't think he wrote this.  Thanks Dave.


MW Beck HMS Warspite SSN Launch Cover Added to Site , May 16, 2019

Charlie Hamilton sent us this scan for our site.   


April 30, 2019
Previously Unlisted Apollo 10 Norfolk Cover Found

See other Apollo 10 covers HERE

Nearly all 470 B793 Beck covers were cancelled on the USS Rich, a secondary recovery ship for Apollo 10.  Just a few B793 were
cancelled on the USS Chilton and we have only seen only ONE B793 cancelled at Norfolk, VA.   The above cover dated May 27 1969, was
sent to us by Gerard Zonneveld and was previously unlisted.


April 19, 2019

Where possible, we are updating all the scans in the main listing to 600 pixels to make them easier to view. 
We are also updating 2019 eBay selling prices as time allows us to update this site.


Apollo 9 PRS Cover   April 18, 2019
See other autographed covers HERE

Added 2019  Sold for $179.75 on eBay.  Autograph of Dave Scott  See HERE


More Covers from Nuclear Fleet    February 26, 2019

Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson


Apollo 10 PRS Cover   February 24, 2019

Last week we posted a Beck Apollo 10 Prime Recovery Ship (PRS) cover B787 on our Beck cover site. 
The cover is very interesting because it is missing the green screened background color and
the “B787” was printed under the cachet on the Bottom LEFT instead of the RIGHT

It also had a shift in some of the type when compared to other Apollo 10 Beck covers.

Tom Steiner sent us a similar cover.  So now we have seen two.

We thought that the cachet might have been counterfeit but now think we need to "soften" our stance regarding the
authenticity of these covers.  With the evidence of the second cover, it seems that the covers were likely printed by Beck and not by someone wishing to counterfeit the cachet.

Click HERE to see more Apollo 10 covers from the same collection.

We have carefully reviewed over 70 different actual Apollo 10 covers that we have access to and the Rautschke cover seemed suspect. 

But now with a second one, it is likely that Beck printed the cachets.  His printing log doesn't have enough detail to answer that question.

Please examine the Apollo 10 Pacific covers you might have and let us know if you have any covers with the B number on the left instead of the right. (as shown in the third cover on the left)

EVERY one of the actual 70+ Apollo 10 covers we looked at had the same layout of the type “APOLLO 10” and the words “LUNAR MODULE” below it.  The “L” of Lunar lined up exactly the same in all the covers, except the two shown here.

Thanks goes to Andre Gutmann, Tom Steiner, Ross Smith, Gerard Zonneveld for their and information on this issue.

More information HERE


This cover is for comparison.  It has the background color and note the position of the B787 number. 
The B number is on the right side of the cachet in EVERY other Apollo 10 cover we have seen, except for CREW covers of course.


The Article About CREW Covers Is Totally Revised





Beck placed the above ad in the Supplement to the USCS
Log publication in April 1967





Scans cropped from covers shown above.




Beck One Inch Rubber Stamps Section Updated

Beck first advertised these rubber stamps in a supplement to the
USCS Log in April 1967.  Ad is shown at left.

The photo below is from an eBay lot several years ago when
a set of TEN of the rubber stamps was for sale.

We have seen covers where there are 13 different examples shown.

Gemini 3, 4, 5, 6, 6A, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,  AS201, AS202

If you have any other examples of other rubber stamps from
other flights, please send us a scan.

See the updated page HERE



Cover courtesy of Art Cole


Example of a Cover From Beck's Personal Collection

Morris Beck was a cover collector and Dealer.  He served in the US Navy after he graduated from high school in 1944.

The cover shown at left was sent to us by Art Cole.

See other covers from Mr. Beck's collection HERE

Art Cole has a special interest in the N.S. Savannah Chapter #109 of the USCS.  They have a special page on FaceBook if you are interested. Check it out.

Also, if you are interested in joining the USCS, please check out



Scans courtesy of Dr. Ross Smith

New Examples of the Round Space Flight Rubber Stamps

Morris W. Beck produced a number of small one-inch
rubber stamps. 

Note the small maroon, red, blue or black rubber stamp that was applied to collector's envelopes after the flight was over. 

Collectors wishing to have
this rubber stamp applied to covers,
sent their covers with SASE to Mr.

Mr. Beck applied the small round rubber
stamp and returned the covers to the
collectors using their SASE.

Not very many covers have
this added rubber stamp. 
Mr. Beck applied the
rubber stamp to any covers the
collector sent in, not just CREW covers.

Mr. Beck also sold sets of the rubber
stamps to dealers to the dealers
could apply and rubber stamp as they







Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson


New Find-Beck 1951-2 States (Territories) Virgin Islands

Morris W. Beck produced two different series of covers honoring the states and territories. 

These covers were produced for collectors that sent in their envelopes. 

 It was a similar service to his other series such as Presidents and Naval event covers.  See the example scans from the two state series.  HERE

These covers are hard to find especially in a complete set.  Seldom seen Beck States cachet on postcard.

A complete set of the 1951-2  or 1956-7 series sells for about $250-300 each and the full sets are rarely found.


Scans courtesy of Greg Ciesielski

New Additions

Greg Ciesielski noticed the rubber stamp applied to
the back of B8.  The rubber stamp on back shows
"Number 1 of 82".  The "1" and "82" are written by hand.

The "82" is the total number of covers Mr. Beck printed.

We compared the handwriting to that of Mr. Beck and
 determined that Beck did not write these numbers.

You can see his handwriting of numbers on his
printing log shown on this site.

We examined 3 other examples of B8 and none of them
had the rubber stamp on the back of the cover.



This cover is a mystery because Beck's log
shows B867 as not sent.  This is a possible
suspect or back dated cover. 
The ship was commissioned October 30, 1971.
This is the only commissioning cover we have seen.

This is the only B904 we have seen with a postmark.  We don't know if it is genuine.  Note the "74" in the date. 

This is the only one we have seen for B857. We feel that the cover probably isn't genuine.

This cover is addressed to Ronald Reeves who produced some counterfeit covers.  We are not sure about this one.  Ron worked in Philadelphia so he might of had this postmarked during the commissioning.
Please let us know if you have one like this.

New addition. 
Added to Sailors Mail section of MWB personal

New addition.  Added to 1946 Page #3

Hand Cancel and Machine Cancel  See Listing

Scans courtesy of Charlie Hamilton


New Additions

Charlie Hamilton sent us a bunch of Beck covers

Scan submitted by Charlie Hamilton.
This cover is postmarked for the 1993 decommissioning.
Signed by the CO CMDR Steven J Sonntag


New addition. See 846 page


JUN 20 1970 AM
Autog CO CMDR James C Hayes
One observed with this date.

Correct Commissioning date is December 18, 1965.
Autog by CO CAPT Mark G Tremaine
Scan courtesy of Charlie Hamilton.


See page with B866


Thanks to Charlie Hamilton for this scan.
This is the first one we have seen for B865 that was never serviced.



scan courtesy of Larry Johnson


Flag  Day 1976

Here is another example of the Beck Flag Day cover

Flag Day cachet similar to Beck
915 with 1976 date.

These covers were printed for
Martin Longseth a collector. 

In 1976, Longseth sent this cover
to every ship with a post office (about 184 ships).

In 2014 a number of these covers with different ship cancelations sold for about $10 each.

See more HERE


Scan courtesy of David Ball

A Personal Cover From Mr Beck's Collection

David Ball sent us a scan of a great cover from Mr Beck's personal collection.




Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson


Unlisted Machine Cancel Variety

Larry Johnson found a cancel variety.  The Launching of USS
 Roanoke in San Diego, CA was commemorated by a machine
 cancel from the USPS.

It looks like more than one cancel machine was used for this


Scan courtesy of Joseph Volutza


Beck Rubber Stamp on Interesting Cover sent While On Ship

We normally don't list or show Beck's rubber stamp
cachets but we thought this one was very interesting. 
 It is a larger #10 envelope sent by the Associated
Press photographer assigned to this flight.

Scan courtesy of W. Magnus


Unlisted Machine Bar Cancel Without Slug Added

W. Magnus sent us a scan shown at left of B762 with a Bar

 Cancel without any date slug.  We have added it to our site.


Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson
Beck Covers First Examples Found B850 and B931

Larry Johnson sent us the two covers shown at the left.



scans courtesy of Joe Volutza

Background Fill Missing from Apollo 8 PRS Covers

Joe Volutza spotted these Apollo 8 Yorktown covers missing the
background fill.  We have seen other Beck printed covers with
the missing fill background but these are the first ones seen
from Apollo 8.


This cover (B771) shows the usual background fill printed by Mr. Beck. 





Possible Correction to Our Apollo 8 listing

In our listing of numbered covers on this site,
we have grouped the covers
first by the Beck number, then the ships name.  For some
series of covers, Beck designated the Navy ship he intended
the covers to go to and marked the boxes that way when he sent them in bulk to the US Navy for postmarking.

When it became too difficult to plan which cover should go to a ship he just let
the Navy make the distribution once the Navy
coordinator received the bulk shipment of covers before a space flight.

For the Apollo 8 flight, Beck probably didn't have a firm list of
ships at the time he printed the covers.

After the flight was over, it was generally recognized which
ship received the largest share of Beck covers for postmarking.

In our listings of Beck space covers on this site we generally
list which Beck cover number belonged to which ship.  This was
based on what we understood to be the largest number of
covers returned for each number.

For all these years, we thought B773 was for USS Sandoval.

We have now concluded that B773 was probably NOT the
correct one for Sandoval.

There are 6 different ships postmarked on B773 covers,
Including the PRS.

I hope this makes sense.  We have changed our listing of B773
to indicate that we don't know which ship B773 was intended for.

Interesting to note that in March 2018 a lot of 4 covers with
several B773 sold for $102 showing that some of these
covers are very hard to find.  One long time Beck collector
reports that he is still missing 3 B773 shown in our list.

You can see the Apollo listing HERE



New Addition: Norfolk Cover With Bar Slug

The Skylab cover at left shows an interesting bar slug to
strike the 3c Liberty stamp.  Since these covers were not
cancelled aboard a US Navy ship, this slug must have been
applied by the USPS.

Scans courtesy Ross Smith


New Addition: Beck Space Varieties

The B840 Apollo 13 cachet is cut off, probably in the cachet printing process or a smaller envelope.







Note the shift in colors on this Wasp cachet.
It helps to clearly show the differences in the colors.

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson


New Addition: Unlisted Change of Command

Larry Johnson found this cover on eBay.  It is the earliest
use of this cachet we have seen.

Note that the cover has the autograph of the CO and is personalized with the rank and name. 

See the other similar covers HERE.

Beck States Series of 1951-2    January 2018 
Updated by Larry Johnson

Beck States Series of 1956-7    January 2018 
Updated by Larry Johnson

Beck/TriColor FDCs    January 2018 
Updated by Larry Johnson


Beck States and FDC Checklists Updated for 2018

The Unnumbered Beck checklist was updated today, Jan 26, 2018

See new checklists HERE

Scan from eBay


New Addition: Unlisted CREW Cover  GT3 Mullinnix

This GT-3 USS Mullinnix CREW cover was in a lot of six
GT-3 Beck covers that sold for over $150.  This CREW cover was previously unlisted.  The lucky eBay winner has a great gem with this CREW cover.  There are only a couple Beck CREW covers know for GT-3

See all the GT-3 Beck covers HERE





Here is a sample of how the eBay prices realized
are listed for the Beck 1000 cover series. 
Almost 1000 "sold" prices were entered for 2017 sales on eBay.

eBay Prices Realized
2008  $4.50
2009  $3.00, $3.75
2010  $4.50 
2011  $6.50
2012  $2.00, $1.49, $2.00
2013  $5.00, $6.00
2014  $6.50, $4.00, $6.00, $4.02, $1.75, $6.50      

2015  $2.37, $1.00, $4.50, $2.00, $4.50, $5.25,$6.25, $27.00 autog
2016  $5.61, $4.00, $4.25, $4.97, $8.00, $3.95, $3.25, $12.00 $3.98
2017  $1.50
, $3.98, $4.98. $6.00, $3.50, $9.50, $3.74, $3.00, $5.00, $1.50,$1.50,
$3.98, $1.00, $1.00, $1.50,
$1.50, $5.00
$5.00, $3.00




Nearly 1000 eBay "sold" Prices Updated



Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson
New Addition: A Variation of the 1947 Cruise

Larry Johnson sent us this 1947 Beck cover.  We have a similar NJ cover on our site but this one is a different city and date.

Scan courtesy of D Phillips


Interesting MW BECK Trivia Item

D. Phillips send us this scan of MW Beck's guitar he had while on WWII service in the US Navy.  Beck's name and "Menasha, WI" is written on the guitar.  It looks like it is in good condition.



Scan courtesy of Charlie Hamilton


New Addition 1974 CREW cover

Missing the Green color

Similar to 442 without the B number
Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson

New Additions Including an Printing Error Cover

B521 with the round RS added after the flight.
Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson


The rubber stamp showing number produced is interesting. 
We don't know who produced the rubber stamp.  We've
never seen this on a Beck cover before.  See 631

Scans courtesy of Gerard Zonneveld
Interesting GTA cover addressed to Mr. Beck.


New Additions Including a Previously Unlisted Cover

Gerard Zonneveld sent us some great scans..We
have added the scans to the Beck site.  See notes with each cover.

Front and back of B782 USS Algol.  Previously unlisted.
Probably very rare. Only one we have seen.  HERE



Early Beck Cover Added

This is a cover by Beck that he produced while still in High School and right before he went into the US Navy.  This is only the second one we have seen with this cachet.  This postmark is NY NY instead of Roosevelt NY.


"mb" Cachets Question Ansered

Larry Johnson sent us the answer to our question about
the identity of cachet maker "mb".  "mb" is actually
M. Billerth.  He figured this mystery out while at the
recent APS show.  Billerth issued a number of cachets
honoring President Kennedy.





This is the first B21 that we have seen with a hand cancel


This cover has two different machine cancels.

Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson

Nuclear Ships Covers Added

Larry Johnson sent us some very interesting scans
to add to our Beck Web site.

Donald Schultz was affiliated with the Nuclear Ship Chapter and
probably sponsored this cover.  We don't know for sure.  We do
know that Mr. Beck printed the cachet.  The same design
was used for several ships in about 1963.


Nuclear Ships Covers Added

Art Cole sent us the following scans to add to our listing.

Many collectors are very confused with the numbering system used for the nuclear ship covers.  We appreciate Art's help.

See the covers we have scans of HERE




Morris W. Beck States Issues

Morris W. Beck produced two different series of covers honoring the states and territories.  These covers were produced for collectors that sent in their envelopes to him.  It was a similar service to his other series such as Presidents and Naval event covers.  See the checklist for examples of the state series.  These covers are hard to find especially in a complete set.  A complete set of the 1951-2  or 1956-7 series may sell for about $200-300 each and the full sets are rarely found.

We know of several collectors that want to locate other collectors of this series. 

If you collect the States issues and have covers to sell, trade or if you want to buy, let us know and we will put you in touch with someone.

email   Owen R. Murray









The following is a response to a new collector. 

We've had a few inquires from newer collectors trying to understand how Mr. Beck's cover service worked
and how there can be several covers from a recovery ship with different "B" cachet numbers.


Morris W. Beck of Wisconsin was a collector and cover dealer starting about 1943 and stopped producing covers in the mid
1970’s.  His most popular series of Naval covers was the set from 1962-1975 and consisted of 1000 cachets.


He advertised his service in the philatelic newspapers offering to print a cachet on collector’s envelopes for a few cents each.


He printed cachets for Navy ship commissioning, launchings, anniversaries, etc.  The most popular cachets (covers) were the
 space recovery covers.


Mr. Beck tried very hard to get the recovery force information from the US Navy as early as he could before a flight, but as
time went on, timely information became hard to get in time for printing and shipping deadlines.

Early in his efforts, he tried to print the name of the recovery ship on the envelope but that didn’t work very well, so most of
his space covers DO NOT have the ships name on the printed cachet. (although the ships name does appear in the postmark


The US Navy had a coordinator (see blog article at to receive space cover postmarking requests from
collectors and dealers.  Generally, the Navy had a 2 cover limit per collector, per event.  
Collectors sent their requests for rubber stamp cachets directly to the Navy.  Mr. Beck was one of a number of dealers that
provided the service of a printed color cachet.  


As a "sidenote" please note that Beck's printed color cachets and the rubber stamp cachets used by the US Navy were very
similar.  This is because Mr. Beck produced the rubber stamp cachets used by the US Navy. 
He sent them to the US Navy for each space flight at no charge.

Above Left: Envelope sent to US Navy by collector.  Navy applied cachet and postmark.

Above Right: Envelope with Mr. Beck's printed color cachet and "B Cachet Number".  Navy applied postmark only.

Both the example ASTP covers probably had address removable labels and both were sent to the collector as usual
mail after postmarking.


Mr. Beck's Naval Cover Service

Mr. Beck provided the service of printing the cachet on collector’s SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) envelopes sent to him.

Collectors could also send a SASE directly to the Navy for the rubber stamp cachet and postmarking.   

For Mr. Beck's cover service, Collectors would send a supply (25-50) of SASE to Mr. Beck with a small service fee for cachet printing.

Using the information provided by the Navy regarding the total number of ships in the recovery force,
Mr. Beck would assign a cachet number accordingly, such as B 708, B 709, etc.

Look at some of the print log sheets Mr. Beck filled out that are shown on our site.

So if the Navy told Mr. Beck there would be 12 ships in the recovery force, then
Mr. Beck would print 12 different cachet designs and assign/print accordingly.  B708, B709, Cachet ID, etc.


Mr. Beck would print the color cachet on the envelopes sent to him by collectors.  
The printed (color cacheted) envelopes were sent by Mr. Beck in bulk to the Navy for postmarking.  
He prepared 400-1000 envelopes per ship according to his customers orders.  
He packed all the envelopes for one ship into a bulk container marked accordingly.

When the Navy received the shipments of printed color cacheted envelops from Mr. Beck, they distributed the envelopes to the ships of the recovery force.

This is where it got “messy” because someone at the Navy opened boxes and redistributed envelopes without
regard to the various cachet ID numbers.
 So, ships received envelopes all mixed up.


That is why you will see Beck covers from the same ship/event with different cachet ID numbers.

Here is one of MANY examples:  All these covers are B569 but with different ship cancellations. 
B569 was suppose to be postmarked by USS Dupont.
In total, 440 covers were printed with B569.  The majority did go to USS Dupont,
but some unknown small quantity went to several other ships. 
That is why the value of the covers varies. 
A collector trying to assemble a complete collection has a big challenge ahead!



We will add more to this article over time. 
If you have any information or input to help us improve our site, please let us know.





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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers for Collectors

Naval covers have been popular since about the time of Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet.  A naval cover is an envelope or postcard postmarked on board a naval ship.  The cover might commemorate a naval event such as a keel laying, launching or commissioning of a navy ship.  Other covers are simply sailor’s mail that now has historical value for the postmark on the US Navy cover.

Collecting memorabilia from US Navy ships is a very interesting hobby and shares a piece of US Navy history.  Some people collect pictures, ash trays, lighters, photos, launching or commissioning programs, US Navy patches, and envelopes or postcards postmarked aboard US Navy ships.  Similar in appearance to a first day cover, a naval cover commemorates a US Navy event or simply be sailor’s mail sent home with a letter enclosed.  In any case, these covers are very collectable.

Today, the Universal Ship Cancellation Society, USCS, in an international society where collectors of US Navy ship covers and postcards exchange information about their favorite collecting interests. 

Many collectors specialize in a special type of naval covers or envelopes.  Some US Navy veterans have a special interest in the ships they served on.  Ships like destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines, battleship, etc.  Some collectors of first day covers or FDCs also collect navy covers as a specialty.

The US NASA manned space program and the US Navy recovery ships are also very popular subjects for naval covers.  The US Navy postmarks from the US Navy ships in the Atlantic or Pacific fleet that picked up the US space astronauts like John Glenn, Neil Armstrong or others are very popular.  One of the most desirable modern naval covers is from the USS Hornet that picked up the astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins after the Moon landing Apollo 11 NASA mission.  Dozens of US Navy ships participated in the US Space recovery program including, USS Hornet, USS Wasp, USS Intrepid, USS Lake Champlain, USS Guam, USS Mason, USS Randolph, USS Ticonderoga, USS Iwo Jima, USS Kearsarge, USS Okinawa, USS Essex, USS New Orleans, USS Guadalcanal, USS Bennington, and many others.  All astronauts from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab programs were recovered by US Navy ships.  There are covers for most of these events.  The covers for the earliest manned space flights are among the hardest to find.  Some of the most popular covers are for aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers, battleships, and other types of US Navy ships.

Over the years there have been many individuals and groups produce some very attractive naval covers for US Navy events and space events including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab manned space flights.  Morris W. Beck was a collector of US Navy covers and started a service to provide other collectors with quality printed US Navy, space covers, and first day covers. 

Beck served in the US Navy during World War II aboard a US Navy Destroyer.  Morris W. Beck covers are well known among collectors.  Beck produced a very popular series of 1000 US Navy event covers 1962-1975.  Beck’s effort was a labor of love and his charge to service covers for collectors was only pennies per cover.   This web site is dedicated to the US Navy event covers, president series, state series, nuclear ships and first day covers (FDC) produced by Morris W. Beck. 





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