Morris W. Beck US Navy Covers
 US Navy USS Jefferson SSBN 618
#1 First cover in the 1000 Navy Series. 1962 USS T Jefferson
US Navy USS Enterprise CVAN-65 Aircraft Carrier
Special "S" cover USS Enterprise Est $75

Mercury Flight of Cooper
US Navy USS Hornet Apollo 11 Man on the Moon Moonlanding
USS Hornet-Neil Armstrong-Lunar Landing 1969
Apollo 15 Prime Recovery Ship


USS New Orleans VERY rare July 25 cancel Est $125
US Navy Apollo Soyuz Space Recovery Astronauts
Apollo Soyuz on Air Mail Envelope
USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 Aircraft Carrier Keel Laying cover
#1000 Last cover in Navy Series USS Vinson. 1975

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Previously Unlisted Beck Crew Covers

Charlie Hamilton sent us scans of these two previously unlisted Crew Covers.  Usually, Crew covers are typically seen on space issues but these Navy Day covers are a good example of how the US Navy coordinator made distribution of the covers (cachets) Mr. Beck sent for postmarking.  Note that these two covers are addressed to the same person.  (Postmarked on two different ships)




See B791 CREW


Beck's Covers With VIP Labels

David Ball sent us scans of a great lot of Beck special covers.

All the covers have the VIP label that bring a premium on eBay because the covers are usually CREW covers or have special cancellations from the recovery force.  This lot of 6 covers sold for a big premium.



Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross Smith

Another previously unlisted Beck CREW cover.

See backstory HERE under B807


Only about 25 Beck cachets were printed without the
cachet number
Beck gave these covers to the ships crew for VIP usage. 
That is why it is called a CREW cover.  Also see HERE

Beck's Crew Covers

Scan courtesy of Bart Van Oppens
Beck CREW cover.  Note the ship's name printed or typed
in the cachet.  We haven't seen that addition before.
This cover is postmarked Jun 6.  All the other USS Blandy covers we have seen are dated June 3.  The GT-4 mission launched on Jun 3 and splashed down on Jun 7.

The Beck cachet for this event is B545.



Scans courtesy of Charlie Hamilton

Beck's Early Covers

Mr. Beck returned from US Navy Service in 1946 and
started servicing covers right away.  Here are two covers that we have added to the list of covers.  Thanks Charlie for sending the scans.


USS Wasp PRS for GTA-6.  This covers has the previously seen VIP label.  See more information at B584

We were very surprised to see the USS L F Mason cancel
on the B633 envelope.  The first one we have seen.  Check out B629 and B630.

Scans courtesy of David Ball

More Beck CREW Covers

See B540 HERE


May 26, 1964 Commission

See B430 HERE This is the No Beck Number version

Also see other 1964 covers without the B number.


Click HERE Under foreign covers listing




Beck Covers for Listing

A very nice example of Beck's launching cover for
USS Sea Poacher.
Note that the reverse does not have the small number that is usually stamped on covers of this era.  See HERE

No Beck Number version of B343

USS John Paul Jones Visits Foreign Ports.
This is one cover of many JPJ covers from France.  HERE
Port call and cachet date is rubber stamped.
Similar to printed cachet B305 of the numbered series.

Scans courtesy of Charlie Hamilton



Scan courtesy of Don Hensley.  The articles shown
at right were enclosed in the covers with the
RS cachets.


Previously unlisted B627 for USS Boxer. 
Scan courtesy of Woddy Witt.



More Information About W R Skelley, Jr

We have wondered for some time how it was possible for W R Skelley to obtain so many important space flight covers.  Now it has become clear that he was the coordinator for the US Navy and had access to and distributed covers to the recovery ships. Scans courtesy of Don Hensley.

Beck CREW Covers-Some Unlisted

Crew Cover B861 This is only the second one we have seen.
Scans courtesy of Martin Schwebs Rasmussen

B894 CREW unlisted


B890 Scan added for first time


B896 Solid Lines.  Only 2nd one observed


Beck CREW Covers-Some Unlisted


B875 CREW Unserviced

B873 CREW Unlisted 

B880 CREW Unlisted

B880 Ticonderoga CREW




This is an insert found in a Beck state cover. 
See more information about this series HERE.
Scans courtesy of Don Hensley

Sold for $35.99 on eBay

Sold for $29 on eBay.  A very interesting Beck cover addressed to Harry Gordon, a well-known dealer.  The text rubber stamp was applied by Harry Gordon.  This cover has a Hand Cancel.

Sold for $28.50 on eBay

This cover shows a great example of the small round cachet that Mr. Beck designed.  He applied the cachet to envelopes at collectors request, after a space flight.  He also sold sets of the rubber stamp cachets to a few dealers. We have no idea how many were applied, especially given the fact that sets of the rubber stamps still exist.
Thanks goes to Tim Preston for sending in this scan.


Interesting Covers and Additions

This interesting cover does not have Mr. Beck's name printed on it but we are pretty certain he did produce this cover.  It uses a very similar cachet artwork as the 1951-2 and 1956-7 statehood series.
Thanks goes to Charlie Hamilton for sending us the above scan.


Many times when collectors used more than one stamp on the covers, the post office cancels the stamps again.  In this case, the Boston post office added the 7 April cancel on both B747 and B748 covers.  The extra cancel may distract from the cover's appearance but it also helps to add some postal history to the routing of the cover.  These two covers are shown here courtesy of Dr R J Smith.


At first glance this cover looks like a printing error or missing B number, etc.  Collectors applied a stamp and return address to envelopes before Mr. Beck printed the tri-color cachet.  In the example above, the collectors address label was overprinted by the cachet. When the address label was removed, part of the cachet went with it.
Thanks goes to Woody Witt for sending in this scan.

The only one we have observed.  This scan is from the web.
Apollo 8 USS Yorktown with Return to Port Cancel  

This cover is probably unique.  It has the return to port date on a Beck cachet that was designated for USS Guadalcanal.

See more detail at the link below.


Apollo 8 PRS USS Yorktown with Hand Cancel   

This #10 (business size) envelope was sold on eBay for over $60. 

It has the Yorktown hand cancel which has not been seen on a Beck printed cover.


Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross J Smith
Unusual Space Cover for AS 501-Norfolk, VA   

Dr. Ross Smith sent us the scan at left of a previously unlisted space cover.

It is postmarked for AS 501 in Norfolk, VA.

November 14 1967


Scans from eBay


eBay Prices High for GT-2 CREW Covers 

The two CREW covers shown at left were sold as a set on eBay for a price of $186.50.

We have seen other similar CREW covers, but these are VERY desirable and valuable covers for your collection.

See all the Beck GT-2 covers, HERE


Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross J Smith
Apollo 12 USS Hawkins CREW Cover

Thanks goes to Dr. Ross J Smith for sending us this scan of a very nice autographed Apollo 12 CREW cover.  It has the autographs of the flight crew plus Al Worden.  The crew consisted of Alan Bean, Pete Conrad and Richard Gordon.

A great addition to any Beck/Space collection.

Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross J Smith
Gemini 9 Cover Beck 652 Previously Unlisted

Thanks goes to Dr. Ross J Smith for sending us this scan of a cover we have not seen before.

It is addressed to W R Skelley, Jr.  Search on this site for other references to Skelley.  He really obtained some great and unique covers.


Gemini 9 Cover Postmarked Honolulu Hawaii

Thanks goes to W. Magnus and Tom Steiner for sending us this scan for the Beck site.
This is the first (and only) B648 cover we have seen that wasn't postmarked on the secondary recovery ship USS Epperson.

This cover is probably unique and was postmarked two days after the recovery.  Evidently, the Honolulu PO noticed that the cover was not postmarked on the USS Epperson, and applied the local Honolulu machine cancel.  This is only our speculation.  No one knows for sure.

Amazing Price Paid for Apollo 7 Launch Cover

This Beck cachet B761 cover was postmarked on the launch date of Apollo 7 at KSC.

Perhaps a "one-of-a-kind".

Successful bidder paid $260 for this great cover.


Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross J Smith
Apollo 10 USS Ozark CREW With VIP Label

Dr. Smith was the successful bidder for this elusive Apollo 10 USS Ozark CREW cover. 

This cover has the "desirable" VIP label. 

Final bid price was $70.  The value and demand for these CREW covers continues to increase.


A new variety has been added to B801 and B802 listings
Another Apollo 11 Postmark Variety Identified

Enough evidence and examples are available to support the listing of another postmark for Apollo 11.

See the example shown at the left.  You will see that the AM or PM time slug is missing.

Thanks goes to Dr. Ross Smith, Steve Durst and Lee Kok How for supplying supporting information for this important Beck cover.




Mercury 9-Cooper B332 Jacksonville FL

Dr. Ross Smith recently purchased a lot of covers that contained a very interesting MA-9 cover postmarked at Jacksonville, FL instead of USS Myles C. Fox.  Mr. Beck sent the printed/cacheted envelopes to the US Navy to the attention of USS Myles C Fox.

The cover shown should have been postmarked on the ship but somehow it got into the mail without a postmark and the post office in Jacksonville applied their postmark.

There are a variety of dates shown on the many MA-9 covers.  The date on this cover is a bit unclear.  Only one digit is clear, the 1.

In any case, this is likely a unique cover and was previously unlisted.


Apollo 16 Cachets Show Many Options

Mr. Beck made the Apollo 16 B880 and B881 cachets available to various collectors and dealers well ahead of the space flight.

As a result, the dealers or collectors added postage and then sent the cacheted envelopes to various locations for postmarking.

The cover shown at left shows the launch date.

See the many varieties HERE


USS Iwo Jima LPH-2, Apollo 13 Postmarks

There are three varieties listed for B838 USS Iwo Jima the Prime Recovery Ship for Apollo 13.


1. B838 Ships name is at top of cancel, Date is NOT skewed. Shown at left (top)

2. B838 Ships name is at Bottom of cancel, Date IS skewed.  Shown at left (bottom)  Probably the most common cancel used on Beck Apollo 13 covers.

3. B838 Ships name is at Bottom of cancel, Date is NOT skewed.  Not shown here.  Go to listing HERE


Set of 3 Boxer GTA-8 Covers Fetch $126.50

The group of 3 covers shown at left sold for $126.50 on eBay.

The B639 cover is the important one in this group.  It was previously unlisted.


Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross J Smith
Beck B873 PRS Apollo 15 "Matched Set"

Scans for a real nice set of Beck covers for Apollo 15 was sent to us from Dr. Smith.

Both covers are signed by the Commanding Officer, Capt. Andrew F. Huff.  Note that the covers have different hand postmarks.  One has the ship's name at the top of the cancel and the other cover has the ship's name at the bottom of the cancel.





Scans courtesy W Magnus
Beck Previously Unlisted B529 Gemini 3

Beck B529 cover postmarked on Harold J Ellison has been identified.  The Ellison cancel is on several other Beck numbers but has been "unlisted" on B529 until now.


Beck Previously Unlisted CREW B535 Gemini 4

This Beck B535 CREW cover postmarked on USS Ponchatoula AO-148 is the first one we have observed and was previously unlisted.  See other GT-4 covers HERE


Beck Previously Unlisted St Louis B536 Gemini 4

An unusual cover for GT-4 B536 postmarked at St Louis.  Probably a one-of-a-kind.


Beck B563 Gemini 5

A nice cover for GT-5 B536 postmarked on USS Dupont.  The airmail border adds much interest.




Beck B592 Gemini 6

A nice cover for GT-6 B592 postmarked In Jamaica, NY. This is similar to a cover we show in the listings but it has a different cancellation.  AM vs PM.

Beck Previously Unlisted B759 USS Essex

Beck B759 cachet for USS Essex is a new find to the site.  Note that the cover shown at the left has a VIP label that we see on some very hard to find covers and especially on CREW covers that were sent to Space Industry VIPs.

Sold for $105.18 on eBay.

Autograph is Donn Eisele, Apollo 7


Beck Previously Unlisted USS Missouri Launching

This is the first hand cancel we have seen for this cover/event.


Beck Cachet's Continue to Bring Top Dollar

Reader and collector Greg Ciesielski sent us  a scan of B724 covers with a cachet variety that we haven't noticed before.  We have updated our listing.  Thanks Greg.

Note the position of the Beck number on each cachet.

This likely occurred if Mr. Beck did an additional printing of the covers after the original batch was printed.

We reviewed Mr. Beck's printing log for 724 to see if there was a note about multiple printings.  There wasn't any note.

The scans at left show a lighter color for the background but we believe that the backgrounds are the same and the scan just looks different.


  Check out Dr. Smith's of Recent Prices Paid

Click HERE


Beck Cachet's Continue to Bring Top Dollar

Below: This previously unlisted prime recovery ship cover is a real prize! It sold for $93.  Beck B611.


Below: A good example of Beck's 1946 Navy Day series.

See others HERE


Below: USS Wasp GT-4 Beck CREW cover.  Sold for an amazing $228.50.


Beck Cachet's Continue to Bring Top Dollar

Below: An excellent example of the scarce Mason GTA-8 cover on B630.  It sold for about $80 on eBay.

Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross Smith


Below: Autographed Apollo 9

Below: A new addition to our site. USS New Jersey. Previously unlisted.

Beck Cachet's Continue to Bring Top Dollar

The covers shown here were sold as a lot on eBay.  The lot sold for $188.50 after 8 bids.

Two of these covers are of special note.

First the USS Fletcher cover is a previously unlisted CREW cover.  The second cover of special note is the B317 USS Duncan.  A very rare cover and only the second one we have seen.


Note that this lot was sold by a major space cover dealer in Europe.

There was a lot of interest in this lot and other recent lots which indicates that Beck and space covers continue to be a strong market.

Apollo 11 cover with Aldrin's autograph sold for $188.50

Apollo-Soyuz FDC with autographs sold for $61.00

Apollo 13 cover with Gene Krantz, Flt Dir. Autog $90.54


Beck Cachet's Bring Top Dollar on eBay

Here are several examples of Beck cachets bringing top dollar on eBay.  The autographs on these covers created a lot of interest in the covers.   


Beck Cachet "342" USS Corry CREW MA-9

Another important Beck CREW cover sold today on eBay.  This is the first CREW cover we have observed from MA-9 from USS Corry.

Selling price was $78 for a lot of 3 covers.  The other two covers were "average" value MA-9 covers which emphasizes the importance and value of this Corry cover.



Beck Cachet "323" USS Kearsarge CREW MA-9

This Beck CREW cover is the second one we have seen.  It also has the CO's autograph.

This very desirable cover sold on eBay for $124.50.

We designate this CREW cover as being under B323 because Mr. Beck allocated "323" for the Kearsarge while printing the cachets.  The Kearsarge cancel is seen on another Beck cachet, the B317.

If you watch eBay, you will notice that some very desirable US space covers come out of Europe or are addressed to collectors in Europe.  This cover is another example.



Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross J Smith


Beck 652 GTA-9 Dual Cancel

This Beck 652 GTA-9 has an extra cancel.  We normally only see the hand cancel from the ship.

The machine cancel is Norfolk, VA on June 7.




Beck Printing Test

This Beck printing test envelope recently sold for $77 on eBay.  This "oddity" is very unusual and desirable for the serious Beck collector.


See more Beck varieties HERE

Beck GTA-6 PRS CREW cover sold for $81 on eBay

GTA-6 USS Wasp, PRS CREW Cover $81 on eBay

This great CREW cover sold on eBay for $81.  See Beck B584 in the listings.

There seems to be a lot of interest in Beck space covers these days as shown by the prices realized at auction.

Click HERE to read more about this Gemini mission and the abort that took place.

Thanks goes to Randy Constantin for providing the mission timeline.

October 25,1965 - Launch scrubbed due to failure of the Agena docking target to reach orbit.

December 12,1965 - Launch aborted due to premature shutdown of Titan launch vehicle's main engines just after ignition on the pad.

December 15,1965 AM - Launch

December 15,1965 PM- Rendezvous with Gemini 7
December 16,1965 - Splashdown

Beck covers for GT-6 and GT-7 HERE

Sold by "seanspace" on eBay $62.76



USS Boxer GTA-8 Covers

The cover shown at the left is a recent lot from eBay as reported by Dr. Ross J Smith.

The GTA-8 cover was sold by Sean Marsar on eBay.  Sean is a well-respected space cover dealer.  This lot is of the GREEN cachet of the Beck design.  Click here for more details about these covers.

The following text is from the eBay description:
RARE GEMINI 8 SCHEDULED PRIME RECOVERY SHIP, USS BOXER RARE HAND CANCEL GREEN CACHET-I THINK THAT THIS IS A BECK CREW CACHETED COVER-- -Gemini 8 (officially Gemini VIII) was the sixth manned spaceflight in NASA's Gemini program. The mission conducted the first docking of two spacecraft in orbit, but suffered the first critical in-space system failure of a U.S. spacecraft which threatened the lives of the astronauts and required immediate abort of the mission. The crew was returned to Earth safely. The only other time this happened was on the flight of Apollo 13. Because the early abort of the mission the Leonard Mason had to pick up the astronauts instead of the designated USS Boxer. Covers from the Mason are obviously much rarer. It was the twelfth manned American flight and the twenty-second manned spaceflight of all time (including X-15 flights over 100 kilometres (62 mi)). Command pilot Neil Armstrong's flight marked the second time a U.S. civilian flew into space (Joseph Albert Walker became the first US civilian on X-15 Flight 90[1][2]). Armstrong had retired from the United States Navy in 1960. The Soviet Union had launched the first civilian, Valentina Tereshkova (also the first woman) aboard Vostok 6 on June 16, 1963


Scan courtesy of Tom Steiner

Beck Printing Error for Skylab III

This interesting Beck cover is missing a color.  Note that the B896 number would have been printed in the missing RED color.

Click HERE to see correctly printed cachet and view B896 listing.



"Wild" Bidding for Skylab III CREW

This Beck CREW cover sold on eBay this week for an amazing price of $135.50 after 13 bids.

The envelope stuffer card was what made this cover so desirable.  We have never seen this stuffer card produced by Mr. Beck.

We have no idea how many he made of this item or any similar covers.

It is just a very interesting collectible and it fetched a nice price.


Updated information and listings on our Collector's Resource page  Click HERE Happy New Year 2012 

You may have noticed that we have been recording prices realized on eBay for Beck covers since about 2008. 

We just finished entering several thousand prices on the numbered cover listings.  

The eBay selling price is now listed for 2008-2011 when known.  Click on any of the listings for Beck Numbered covers 1-1000.


Scans Courtesy of Greg Ciesielski/Rich Nallenweg
Beck Cachet Printed on European Size Env 

These are the first Beck cachets we have seen printed on the larger European sized envelope, referred to as C6 size.

The C6 envelope size is the standard in Europe for most collector's covers while the 6 3/4 size envelope is common in North America.

For more information on envelopes used in Europe please click HERE



Project Gemini GTA-10 PRS sells for $26.50

This PRS Beck cover was spotted on eBay.  It is great to see that important covers like this one are holding their value for collectors.


Previously Unlisted 1947 USS Purdy

This previously unlisted cover was spotted on eBay.


Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross J Smith
Perhaps The "purchase" of Year!

This previously unlisted/unknown CREW cover (B319) for Gordon's Mercury flight was bought on eBay.  Dr. Smith "snagged" this cover for only $25.  It was likely overlooked by many other Beck collectors that would have paid two or three times that amount.

Note that the address on the cover is Mr. Beck's home address at that time.



B584 CREW Wasp PRS

B608 Wasp PRS
Scans courtesy of Timothy Preston


Two Elusive Gemini Beck PRS Covers 

The scans at left were sent to us by Timothy Preston.  He found these two very elusive covers in a lot of covers purchased this year. 

Take a look at the cover listings for these covers to view a similar looking cover of each.  Up until now, we had only seen one example of each.

Thanks Tim.

See the listing HERE


Early Gemini Beck B543

This cover was sold on eBay for about $10.  It has the autograph of the CO.  A very nice cover.


Scan courtesy of nalwife on eBay
1946 Beck Navy Day Cover bids to over $25

Bidding for a 1946 Morris W Beck cover postmarked on USS Douglas H Fox with a Navy Day 1946 cachet reached over $25 on eBay.

Someone really wanted this cover!  Typically, we haven't seen much bidding going on during the hot summer months.



Cancel Error on USS Wasp the PRS for GTA-9

Check the cancels of the USS Wasp GTA-9 covers in your collection to see if you have one of the "RARE" cancel variety versions.

The variety is the upside down 1966 in the cancel slug.

The scans at left show the only 3 covers we have observed.  It is interesting to note that one cover has the US Navy rubber stamp cachet and the other two have the printed MW Beck cachets he assigned to the Wasp, B651, B657.

There must be similar covers out there in collections but they haven't surfaced yet.  If you have one, please send us a scan.

The rubber stamp cachet with the cancel variety/error recently sold for $61 at auction.  The Beck printed cachets should sell for more and we estimate that they would sell for $75-100 each depending upon the situation.

You might run across the cover with the cancel variety at a local stamp show but you are more likely to see the cover on eBay.  Depending upon how many collectors notice the cover the price would easily sell in the range stated above. 

Good Luck.

Thanks goes to Dr. Ross Smith, Steve Durst and Eddie Bizub for providing scans of this issue.


Scan courtesy of Steve Durst
USS Boxer LPH-4 Covers for GTA-8 

The cover shown at left is a new addition to our site.

Based on correspondence between collectors, we have edited our special page on the GTA-8 covers.

See the Boxer covers page here

Thanks go to Dr Ross J Smith, Steve Durst, Randy Constantin, Dennis Dillman, Ray Cartier and Tom Steiner.

Scan courtesy of PETESTAMPS on eBay
1975 ASTP Cover Carried by UDT Sold on eBay

The cover shown at left is from the 1975 Apollo/Soyuz space mission.  The cachet is the M W Beck designed rubber stamp and postmarked in SFO on July 24th.  All that is not remarkable.

What is unique with this cover is that it was actually carried by the UDT during the recovery mission.

Sold on eBay June 5 for $22.50 by PETESTAMPS

He reports that Dr Ramkissoon's name in pencil is at the bottom of the envelope but is almost completely erased.

This cover is similar but not the same cover as shown in the Beck 952-1000 cover listing under B998.  SEE HERE

Previously Unlisted 1947 Beck Added to Site

This 1947 Morris W Beck US Naval cover  sold on eBay for $9.99 and was added to our site and Beck cover listings.

See the 1947 listing and photos here

June 2011 Scan courtesy of Ross Smith

2008 Scan courtesy of Paul Huber. Thought to be one of a kind until now.

Beck B317 Story Continues

Morris W Beck's multicolored cachet number B317 for Gordon Cooper's MA-9 space flight was designated for USS Fletcher, one of the many US Navy ships of the MA-9 recovery force. 

Mr. Beck sent the printed (cacheted) envelopes to the US Navy to distribute to the ships that he designated.  We know that when the envelopes reached the US Navy there was usually a different (non-standard) or even random distribution to the ships of the recovery force.  That explains why we see Beck covers postmarked on different ships for the same cachet design, B317 in this case.


See the cover listing for more details on the story of B317 covers.




Beck USS Ozark CREW cover for Apollo 10
Beck CREW cover for B791 Sold on eBay

Morris W Beck printed cachet for Apollo 10, B791, without the cachet number makes it a CREW cover.  This cover from the USS Ozark sold for $32.00 on eBay.


Scan courtesy of Eddie Bizub from the collection of the late Richard Learn.
First Scan of Mercury B331 Cover With May 15 Date

Eddie Bizub sent us this scan of B331 USS Gainard from his stock and identified it as being from the collection of the late Richard Learn.

This is the only B331 from the USS Gainard we have seen with the 15 May date.  The 16 May date is the date seen most of the time.

Update: This cover was sold and found a welcome home in a nice collection!


Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross Smith
Unlisted Beck B604 USS Wasp PRS Found

Dr. Ross Smith found this unlisted Beck cover for B604.  A great find!


Scan courtesy of David Ball
Beck B697 USS Robert A Owens CREW Covers

This CREW cover for the AS202 mission is already shown on this site, but what is interesting is that David Ball found these CREW covers both addressed to the well-known space cover dealer, Robert Boudwin.

Since CREW covers are unusual to begin with, no doubt that Mr. Boudwin had connections to get two of these covers.  Did he get them from Mr. Beck or from the Navy?

More on CREW covers.


See more scans of this issue courtesy of Dr. Ross Smith


Scan courtesy of David Ball
Beck B333 USS Beatty CREW Cover

Previously unlisted.  We are very happy to have this scan sent us by David Ball.


Apollo 13 Very Unusual CREW cover 

This scan from Web site was brought to our attention by Dr Ross Smith. It is from the collection of  Martin Schwebs Rasmussen.

This is the only Apollo13 Beck cover seen from the Stoddert.  Probably one-of-a-kind.


Scan courtesy of Martin Schwebs Rasmussen
Beck Apollo 12 B824 USS Hawkins CREW

This previously unlisted Beck CREW cover was sold on eBay in November, 2010 for $16.50.  This is the only CREW cover we have seen for the Hawkins for Apollo12 and we wondered if it existed.



Beck Space Covers on eBay


Top: December 2010.  Sold on eBay.  $41.00.  Seller was gastampman.


Center: December 2010.  Sold on eBay.  $22.37.  Seller was gastampman.



Bottom:December 2010.  Sold on eBay.  $45.64.  Seller was gastampman.

Scan courtesy of GAStampMan on eBay
Beck B323 USS Kearsarge PRS Autographed-Cooper

This Beck cover, cachet B323, is postmarked on the prime recovery ship for Gordon Cooper's space mission on May 16, 1963.  This autographed cover sold on eBay for $103.50 after 7 bids.


Scan courtesy of PeteStamps on eBay
Beck B998 July 25, 2010 Sells for $144.95 on eBay

See the story of this and other ASTP covers in the listing section. 

Scan courtesy of Charlie Hamilton
Beck Change of Command Cover added to site.

Thanks goes to Charlie Hamilton for sending us this scan of a previously unlisted cover on this Beck Cover site.

See similar unnumbered Beck 1963 covers HERE


Most cancels are poor quality.

Except for the covers shown below and right, all covers observed until 2010, also have a Boston MC July 31 on face of cover.

Courtesy of Greg Ciesielski and Dave Kent, This one is clean with no Boston MC


M W Beck Cachet 47 USS Miller Study

Most recent addition to the site is the USS Miller cover shown directly below. This cover shows a full and clean cancel.  Most Beck 47 covers also have the Boston MA machine cancel.



Another good example with a clear cancel plus note the cachet was printed over the address label.  Scan courtesy of Rich Hoffner.

Very Unusual GT-9 PRS Sold for $159.50 on eBay 

The scans at left are the front and back of ONE cover.  Perhaps unique. 

On the front is the GT-8 USS Boxer cover with the hard to find BLUE RS cachet for GT-8.  On the back of the envelope is the printed captain's cover cachet for GT-9.

Two different flights, two dates.  Interesting.

Thanks to Dr. Ross Smith for providing information for this posting.


Beck 801 Apollo 11 Sold for $54 on eBay 

A very nice example of Beck 801 USS Hornet Apollo 11 PRS sold on eBay for $54.


Beck 630 Gemini 8 PRS Sold for $255 on eBay! 

This cover, the B630, USS Mason has always been an important PRS cover and the price has varied over the years.  This sale at $255 is probably a record price or perhaps the highest paid in the past 5-8 years.


Beck 699 CREW cover on Airmail Envelope 

Graeme J W Smith sent in the example of Beck 699 CREW


Beck 723 FREE Mail 

Rich Hoffner sent in this Beck 723 covers, a nice find in his "FREE" mail Viet Nam collection. Beck # 723, postmarked while ship in Vietnamese waters with Free franking privileges. Postal Clerk applied his rubber stamp to the cover.


Beck 998 July 17 Sold on eBay

Ross Smith agrees that this cover is a Sean Marsar cover and is similar to the cover postmarked on July 15 on that same flight.

According to Dr. Smith's research, only 10 covers were postmarked for each day with an extra 20 being postmarked on July 17, the day of docking.

If you could assemble a complete set of the Beck and Navy RS cachets for this flight, it might be worth $1000.

Cover from Mr. Beck's collection

Cachet designed by Donald O Schultz



Beck CREW 515 GT-3 Another one surfaces on eBay!

I'm surprised to see another GT-3 CREW cover offered on eBay.  It sold for only $32.  We estimate that this CREW Prime Recovery Ship cover is probably really worth $100-125+


Beck Covers and Interesting Material

I'm on the road for the next 6 weeks so my additions to this site will be quick and few!

The Blue envelope at left is unusual and from the exhibit of Dr. Ramkissoon.

The Betty Boop cachet is from Morris Beck's personal collection.  He did not produce this cachet as far as we know.

Other covers have been added in the Beck listing by individual covers.

April 25, 2010

Scan courtesy of Greg Ciesielski

Above, Scan Courtesy of Tom Steiner

The cover below from Dr Ross Smith, with the BLACK color missing is on our site.
See that page HERE

Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross Smith

Beck #874 Apollo 15 Missing Green Color USS Kawishiwi

Courtesy of Tom Steiner, at left is a printed cachet color missing variety. 

Cover at bottom left is a B874 missing the black.


Scan Courtesy of Greg Ciesielski and Dave Kent
Beck #47 LDPS USS Miller Found Without MC Overprint

Courtesy of Greg Ciesielski and Dave Kent, here is a Beck #47 scan that made us revise the caption on the webpage.  "Most cancels are poor quality. All covers observed also have Boston MC July 31 on face of cover."

This one is clean with no Boston MC


Bottom scan courtesy of Luc Jallot.  This cover is interesting because it shows the same markings as another cover on our site.  This seems to indicate that the changes to the Beck printed cachet were made by the ship's personnel and not a collector.

If you have a B521 OR B522 Wasp without the changes shown above, please send us a scan.

Shown here is a scan courtesy of
Spaceflori of Beck 522 Wasp with the same changes as the above B521 to the cachet.

Ross Smith helped to identify the interesting markings on this GT-4 cover. He wrote "the small blue circular cachet was applied by Morris Beck. He applied it to any cover at his customers request and therefore it is not just found on recovery ship covers, but also on other covers such as launch covers. He used a number of different colored inks and I'm aware of examples from Gemini 2 to Apollo 4. I've documented these cachets on my Recovery Ship Cover site including those ink colors that I'm aware of.  The JFK cachet is a George Goldey cachet and seems to be far less common on Recovery Ship covers than the Morris Beck cachet."


Scans courtesy of Luc Jallot.

Beck ASTP Rubber Stamp Postmarked July 25, 1975

Remember that the post office on the USS New Orleans was closed on the actual ASTP recovery date of July 24, 1975. This cover is special because it is on a two-sided post card.

See more similar covers from ASTP HERE


Beck B746 AS 501 Recovery Ship Cover Previously Unlisted

See Listing HERE


Scan courtesy of Tom Steiner
Beck B896 Skylab Hawaii Cancel Previously Unlisted

See Listing HERE


Beck B613 Wasp Recovery Ship Cover Previously Unlisted

Two similar B613 Wasp covers were offered on eBay.  Successful bidder Dr. Ross Smith informed us of his find.


Beck Printed Covers for Apollo 10 Missing Color

Ton Steiner sent us these scans of a missing background color on a Beck printed cover for Apollo 10.

See more varieties HERE

Scan courtesy of Dr. Ross Smith
Previously Unlisted Beck CREW Cover Apollo 14

The Apollo 14 CREW cover at left was sold on eBay ($29.55).  This is the first CREW cover we have seen from Apollo 14 cancelled on the Spiegel Grove, a secondary recovery ship for Apollo 14.

With Dr. Smith's find, we only need tolocate the CREW cover for Apollo 14, USS Hawkins to have scans for CREW covers for all the recovery ships on that mission where Mr. Beck provided printed cachets.  If you have a Hawkins CREW cover for this mission, please send us a scan.


Click HERE for FREE checklists Beck Space Covers Checklist

We've had numerous requests for a checklist showing ONLY Beck space printed covers from the 1-1000 numbered series of 1962-1974.  Click on link at left.  Basically, this is the same checklist as the numbered series except it shows only the popular US Naval Space covers produced by Morris W Beck.  Updated as of January 2010.



Two Previously Unlisted Beck Covers on eBay for Sale

There are two early Morris W Beck printed naval covers for sale on eBay right now.  Our site did not list either of these covers until we saw them on eBay.  Thanks to Rich of "nalwife".

USS Missouri 1944, a VERY early Beck cover.  He was still in high school. Very few produced.   Missouri eBay Link HERE



USS Corry 1947  eBay Link HERE

1973 Beck Printed Cachet for USCS Convention

The latest addition to our site is this 1973 Morris W Beck printed cachet for the USCS convention.  This was offered on eBay.


Join the USCS and enjoy collecting covers from Naval ships.  Most of Beck's covers were Naval covers.

Universal Ship Cancellation Society

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Today the non-profit USCS has over 1,200 worldwide members and offer many resources for collectors.  The monthly USCS LOG publication (included with membership) is packed with information about naval covers, ships, how to order postcards, history, and addresses of ships to send for your own postmarks from US Navy ships.  SEE MORE


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More older articles HERE



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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers for Collectors

Naval covers have been popular since about the time of Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet.  A naval cover is an envelope or postcard postmarked on board a naval ship.  The cover might commemorate a naval event such as a keel laying, launching or commissioning of a navy ship.  Other covers are simply sailorís mail that now has historical value for the postmark on the US Navy cover.

Collecting memorabilia from US Navy ships is a very interesting hobby and shares a piece of US Navy history.  Some people collect pictures, ash trays, lighters, photos, launching or commissioning programs, US Navy patches, and envelopes or postcards postmarked aboard US Navy ships.  Similar in appearance to a first day cover, a naval cover commemorates a US Navy event or simply be sailorís mail sent home with a letter enclosed.  In any case, these covers are very collectable.

Today, the Universal Ship Cancellation Society, USCS, in an international society where collectors of US Navy ship covers and postcards exchange information about their favorite collecting interests.  See the link to the USCS.  If you are not a member of the USCS, please consider joining.

Many collectors specialize in a special type of naval covers or envelopes.  Some US Navy veterans have a special interest in the ships they served on.  Ships like destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines, battleship, etc.  Some collectors of first day covers or FDCs also collect navy covers as a specialty.

The US NASA manned space program and the US Navy recovery ships are also very popular subjects for naval covers.  The US Navy postmarks from the US Navy ships in the Atlantic or Pacific fleet that picked up the US space astronauts like John Glenn, Neil Armstrong or others are very popular.  One of the most desirable modern naval covers is from the USS Hornet that picked up the astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins after the Moon landing Apollo 11 NASA mission.  Dozens of US Navy ships participated in the US Space recovery program including, USS Hornet, USS Wasp, USS Intrepid, USS Lake Champlain, USS Guam, USS Mason, USS Randolph, USS Ticonderoga, USS Iwo Jima, USS Kearsarge, USS Okinawa, USS Essex, USS New Orleans, USS Guadalcanal, USS Bennington, and many others.  All astronauts from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab programs were recovered by US Navy ships.  There are covers for most of these events.  The covers for the earliest manned space flights are among the hardest to find.  Some of the most popular covers are for aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers, battleships, and other types of US Navy ships.

Over the years there have been many individuals and groups produce some very attractive naval covers for US Navy events and space events including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab manned space flights.  Morris W. Beck was a collector of US Navy covers and started a service to provide other collectors with quality printed US Navy, space covers, and first day covers. 

Beck served in the US Navy during World War II aboard a US Navy Destroyer.  Morris W. Beck covers are well known among collectors.  Beck produced a very popular series of 1000 US Navy event covers 1962-1975.  Beckís effort was a labor of love and his charge to service covers for collectors was only pennies per cover.   This web site is dedicated to the US Navy event covers, president series, state series, nuclear ships and first day covers (FDC) produced by Morris W. Beck. 





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