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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers

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Morris W. Beck US States Covers

Morris W. Beck produced two different series of covers honoring the states and territories. 
These covers were produced for collectors that sent in their envelopes. 
It was a similar service to his other series such as Presidents and Naval event covers.
These covers are hard to find especially in a complete set. 
A complete set of the 1951-2  or 1956-7 series sells for about $250-300 each and the full sets are rarely found.


Updated April 2019
The 1951-52 and 1956-1957 MWBeck States series has experienced a resurgence in collector interest over the
past year.  A number of covers on eBay have sold for prices rivaling many space covers.  They seem to be in
short supply given the demand.  We suggest you find them while you still can.

At the bottom of this listing, we show examples of the 1951-1952
series printed on postcards instead of envelopes.


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This is a postcard Mr. Beck mailed to his customers advertising the States Series




An interesting variety from the 1951-52 Beck state anniversaries is shown above.
A collector used the 1951 cover for a dual cancel for the 1976 state flags issue.
Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson



The Wyoming scan above from Larry Johnson is very interesting because it shows Wyoming
Statehood covers from 1951 and 1952 with two different cachets. 

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson

Click on any photo to see a larger size photo

Above: another example of the Alaska cover.

1955 dated Beck cover for Puerto Rico with "states" cachet.
The actual date of the opening for the airport in San Juan was
two days later, May 22, 1955. Scan on eBay and courtesy of C. Hamilton.


Scan courtesy of Don Hensley

Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson


This single 1961 Alabama cover is similar to the State series.


Below are cachets printed by Mr. Beck on postcard sent to him by collectors


Larry Johnson sent us this scan of a Beck States POSTCARD!

Note the wording and Beck logo on the reverse of the card.


See the checklist of Beck's State covers HERE


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