1-50    51-99 MA-8   S,100-150   151-200   201-250   251-299   300-350 MA-9 
351-402   403-455    456-514 GT-2    515-569 GT-3, GT-4, GT-5    570-621 GTA-6 GT-7 

AS-201, GTA-8, GTA-9, GTA-10, AP-3, GTA-11        688-769 AS-202, GTA-12, AS-204, AS-501, AS-502, AP-7    

AP-8, AP-9, AP-10, AP-11, AP-12, AP-13, AP-14     842-899 AP-14, AP-15, AP-16, AP-17, SL-II, SL-III, SL-IV    

900-951   952-1000

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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers

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 Why are there different quantities for all the covers in the 1000 cover series?
October 20 ,2023

For each upcoming ship/space event, Morris W. Beck serviced the number of covers he had on-hand for each collector.  For example, the 1962 Independence Day series consisted of covers postmarked on 201 different US Navy ships.  Many collectors didn't haven enough covers with Beck for the entire series.  All 201 covers were postmarked on July 4,1962.  

I remember how his service worked and I often received postcards from Beck stating that my cover supply was running low.  Sometimes I sent my stamped/address envelopes right away and sometimes it took several weeks for me to find time to send them. Most of the time I would send batches of 50 envelopes with my address and stamps affixed.  I send him a note stating how many covers I wanted for each future event  I also included a SASE postcard for him to tell me when my supply of envelopes was low.  Plus 2 or 3 cents (for each envelope) for his service.

Mr. Beck printed the envelopes he had on-hand from collectors for each upcoming event. Beck printed differing quantities of covers for each Navy event because of the varying supply of envelope he had on-hand from collectors.  If a collector didn't have enough envelopes on-hand with Mr. Beck, he just printed what he had and sent the batch to the US Navy.

He did not maintain a supply or inventory of back issues for sale.

See some of his messages are below:




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Copyright 1999-2024 Owen R Murray.  All Rights Reserved.      Revised: 03/01/2024