1-50    51-99 MA-8   S,100-150   151-200   201-250   251-299   300-350 MA-9
351-402   403-455    456-514 GT-2    515-569 GT-3, GT-4, GT-5    570-621 GTA-6 GT-7 

AS-201, GTA-8, GTA-9, GTA-10, AP-3, GTA-11        688-769 AS-202, GTA-12, AS-204, AS-501, AS-502, AP-7    

AP-8, AP-9, AP-10, AP-11, AP-12, AP-13, AP-14     842-899 AP-14, AP-15, AP-16, AP-17, SL-II, SL-III, SL-IV    

900-951   952-1000


Morris W. Beck Naval Covers

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 Why are there different quantities for all the covers in the 1000 cover series?

For each new ship event, Morris W. Beck serviced the number of covers he had on hand from collectors that left covers "on deposit" with him.  For example, the 1962 Independence Day series consisted of 201 covers, including the Enterprise cover, and many collectors didn't haven enough covers with Beck for the entire series. All 201 covers were postmarked on July 4,1962.  

I remember how his service worked and it seems like I often received postcards from Beck stating that my cover supply was running low.  Sometimes I sent covers right away and sometimes it took several weeks for me to find time to send them.  In the mean time, Beck just serviced and sent out covers for those he had on hand.  He did not maintain a supply or inventory of back issues for sale other than those he created for his own collection.  The covers for his own collection usually had his name machine printed on the front of the cover. 


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